Patrick Carl Bohana passed away peacefully June 25th at age 76. Pat will fondly be remembered by friends and family as a person who lived his life in the service of others. After serving honorably for 8 years in the USAF from 1961-1969 his life became wholly dedicated to the family he would build, starting with his loving wife Dianne. Together they lived a life spanning 40 years filled with love, compassion, generosity, and selflessness. Patrick found great success in his career in sales, but it was the adventure that he took his family on that he will be remembered for most. From Maryland to Singapore, Phuket to California, he always wanted the very best for his family and to be there to lend an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, or arms to wrap around us. No matter the ups and downs, Patrick was always the steady hand that kept us all moving forward and striving to be the very best we could. He never complained, never asked for anything from anyone, and always did his absolute best to do right by people. He was boisterous and funny with the most wonderful smile and laugh recognized by all that knew him. Patrick leaves behind his wife Dianne, their two children Carolyn and Michael, grandchildren James and Caitlynn, sisters Mary and Luci, and brother Chuck. While he may have been called home, we find comfort in knowing that he will remain a part of us and that we will see him again.