To my loving Husband, Kevin (KC)

We met five years ago, and little did we know what these five years together would mean for the both of us. Pure Unconditional Love. You told me, “You finally got to experience what real love is”. You also told me, “You wish you had met me 25 years ago”. You always called me your “trophy wife” and that I was an upgrade to what you had. The laughter, the pranks, the jokes, and all of the fun times we shared will never be forgotten. What we shared together was so magical, it was as if we knew life would end as we know it and sadly it did come to an end.

You told me, “You finally got to live the life you always wanted”. I’m so grateful to have been a part of that.  

We both believed God allowed our paths to cross. Taking care of you these last 2 months made me realize, I was put into your life to complete Gods mission to make sure you were not alone (you told me, “I don’t want to die alone”) and to love you up to the very end. You passed away in our home on November 13th where there was an abundance of love, you were in your recliner (your favorite chair). I held your hand and talked to you. I also slept on the couch, so I was with you till the very end, you were not alone.

You are now in the hands of the Lord, and I look forward to seeing you again and we will live together forever when God calls me home.

Kevin, you truly touched everyone’s heart you came across one way or another. You will be missed by so many and remembered always by everyone…. You had a heart of gold and all you wanted was to be loved and that you were! You were visited by your siblings Denyse and Brian and your friends from afar and local. I got to see all of your friends love. I had the pleasure of meeting one of your friends, Kelly. I saw her love for you, and I was so glad she came to talk with you and hold your hand just hours before you took your last breath.

When all suffering is extinguished and love has conquered, we shall walk together again….

I love you always…. your loving wife, Sherry (heart)

In lieu of flowers, make a donation to Trump 2024 campaign at donaldjtrump.com