David Michael Howton

David Michael Howton, age 32, of Canton, Georgia passed away on August 7th, 2022.  He fought colon cancer since the age of 29.  It would be wrong to say he lost his battle with cancer because he never stopped fighting.  He was an inspiration to all who knew him because of his sincerity, strength and generosity.

David loved watching movies.  DC, Marvel and scary movies were his favorites.  He loved working on his truck and even helped put a lift on his truck with his two best friends Brandon and Larry.  He also loved getting tattoos from Mike Bargeron, who did every single tattoo on his body which were too many to count but all beautiful works of art. 

The two things that David loved beyond measure was his wife, Katie and his service dog, Titan.  He was suffering more than anyone knew but he kept fighting because he did not want to leave either of them behind.  Even though he is no longer with us in the physical form, he is always with the ones he loved in the spiritual form.

David Howton is survived by his supportive wife, Katie Howton and their five beautiful dogs: Titan, Cain, Bear, Penny and Loki; his incredible best friends: Brandon Longstreet, Larry Paul and Lindsay Johnson, as well as, his family of origin.  While we grieve the loss of this amazing man, we want to honor his spirit and celebrate his life.  We invite you to celebrate at In Their Honor of Jasper funeral home on September 3, 2022 at 5pm.  Please dress casual as David hated suits. 

Care and Trust has been placed with In Their Honor of Jasper: 481 Noah Drive, Jasper, GA 30143