Cary Jackson Snelgrove, better known as “Jack,” was born in Columbia County, Florida on November 6, 1938 to Leo and Edna Snelgrove. After a full 83 beautiful years on God’s green earth, cancer decided to show up in Jack's lungs; however, that cancer didn't realize whom it was up against. Instead of suffering through cancer’s painful agenda, Jack kicked cancer’s butt by moving to Heaven, where cancer cannot reach. After having felt the hand of God on his shoulder just two weeks ago, Jack peacefully followed the path God has chosen for him and went to meet our heavenly father on December 2, 2021.
Jack spent 13 years, 7 months and 11 days in the United States Navy wherein he served our Country on a submarine, then as a Navy Recruiter. Upon retirement from the US Navy as a Chief Petty Officer, Jack moved around and lived the civilian life before settling in Marietta, GA where he married his wife, whom he referred to as, “the most beautiful woman in the world,” Kathleen Snelgrove on September 12th, 1975. Jack and Kathy were married 46 years.

Jack’s surviving family members include: Kathleen Snelgrove (spouse), Mary Mock (sister), Eva Timmons (sister; Clyde, brother-in-law), Ann Roach (sister; John Roach, brother-in-law), Jimmy Snelgrove (brother; Pat Snelgrove, sister-in-law), Cary Snelgrove (son; Heather Snelgrove, DIL), Randy Snelgrove (son; Ann Snelgrove, DIL), Melissa Snelgrove (daughter), Robert Snelgrove (son; Kellie Hutcheson, DIL), Elizabeth Snelgrove-Arauz (daughter; Alvaro Arauz, SIL) and 12 grandchildren.

Jack’s pre-deceased family members:
Lola Tyre (sister)
Alton Snelgrove (brother)
Catherine Snelgrove (daughter)
Meagan Snelgrove (granddaughter)

In Their Honor of Jasper Funeral and Cremations
481 Noah Dr., Jasper GA 30143
Sunday, December 12, 2021
Viewing begins at 2pm; service begins at 4pm