making CREMATION arrangements

This online service for making cremation arrangements, is a convenient alternative allowing you to complete the entire process from the convenience of your own home. Please fill out this form to help us get a better understanding of your cremation needs.
A member from our staff will be in touch soon.

Certified Copy of Death Certificate $25
($5 each additional copy)
Mailing of Death Certificate $45
Additional staff needed for Transport $55
Ashes Delivery $150 within 50 miles
Packaging & Shipping Ashes $150
USPS Priority Mail
Rush or Holiday / Cremation Expedited $250
Witness Cremation $200
After Hours Fee $150
After 6pm / Before 9am

thank you.

Our team understands the need for quick action. We will be in touch soon. If you have any questions or immediate concerns, please call us at (706)253-5060.
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